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Terry has been an amazing instructor!! 
I suffer with quite severe anxiety, and have been driving on and off for 5 years now. When I pushed myself to get back driving again I contacted Terry, and expressed how anxious I felt. Terry supported me so much throughout this process, & continuously supported me to feel less anxious, & more in control of the car. Terry has helped me to do the unthinkable. I never thought I would pass my test! I’m so grateful to have an amazing instructor!! If it wasn’t for Terry I would not have pushed myself to drive today. I would highly recommend Terry to learn to drive with!! Thank you Terry!!

Terry is absolutely the right choice for anyone wishing to learn how to drive. It's taken me 3 decades to pass, I tried in 1991 and gave up and again in 2000. Terry is so calming, reassuring, professional and he's always on time. He will build your confidence and make you at ease even if you have the most intense fear of being behind the wheel.
I think back to my first lessons and how I'd crumble just at the sight of a cyclist and think of how confident I am now, 4 months after starting lessons, and I'm amazed.
It also only took me 20 lessons to pass, that in itself is incredible when you factor in my lack of confidence, skills and fear when deciding to challenge myself to giving driving a last chance. It's testament to what an absolutely fantastic tutor Terry is.

I highly recommend Terry as your driving instructor. He gives you confidence and the road skills to pass first time. He is competent, considerate, patient and proactive when you drive with him. I found his lessons relaxing, enjoyable, non stressful and informative. He has no reluctance to tell you what mistake/s you are making or the essential do's and don'ts if you want to pass. I was elated when I passed first time. Keep up the good work. Many thanks for making magic for me today!

Thank you Terry for all the support. I was lucky to have you as my instructor. Very calm, easy going. Would definitely recommend Terry to everyone who are looking for good instructors around medway area. Terry would make sure his students pass first time

Skirma Beleckiene
about 2 years ago

I am so happy I had Terry as my driving instructor! He is really the best one if you want to learn to drive a car. Patient,confident,calm,easy going, always on time and what can I say... simply a great lad  Definitely recommend him as a driver instructor! Thank you 

Terry is one of the best instructor I had, he has great knowledge and experience of driving skills , his cool, professional , he always in the time , never coming late, I would recommend Terry to every one , guys if you wanna Learn driving ,Terry the best instructor in Kent

Duane Everest reviewed TS Driving Tuition – 5 star
3 August 2016

This guy is an absolute legend from start to finish he has been so patient with me. And got me through my driving test with only 6 minors. If so easy to get on with and such pleasant guy. 
If anyone is looking for an auto instructor then please call this guy 

Thank again Terry.