Meeting your Instructor...

I will usually meet you at a pre-arranged time and place, usually a home or workplace address.

After briefly checking your licence (both parts please), I will also require for you to read a number plate of a distance of 20.5 metres.


The first lessons is a crucial time where initally a brief assesment is made of your current driving level and abilities, i.e Novice, Intermediate, Post-Test qualified and the broad spectrum that exists within these categories.  You can fully expect to be driving on your first lesson!




You must have reached the age of 17 (16 if registered disabled) and be in possesion of a U.K Provisional Licence or a valid International Licence before commencing lessons.



Licence applications are made to the DVLA and currently cost £34 when applying online, you must also meet the following criteria:


  • Have Resident Status


  • Meet the minimum GB Age Requirement


  • Meet the minimum Eyesight Requirement


  • Not be prevented from Driving



Click on the link for eligibility criteria and to start the application process. 




What To Bring...

On your first lesson please remember to bring with you:


  • Both parts of your Provisional Licence


  • Any corrective eye wear, i.e glasses or contacts

Contact Us

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