Booking a Theory Test...

TS Driving Tuition pupils are given free access to the Theory Test Pro service.  I advise pupils

to study for the Theory as soon as possible.  This will promote good knowledge of the necessary traffic rules, road signs and markings, therefore helping you to make logical sense of driving procedures and challenging conditions.


When you are consistently passing the Mock Theory Tests with high scores you are ready to apply for the Theory Test.  This is done by going to Availability is generally good, average waiting time being 2-4 weeks.




Booking a Practical Test...

I will advise you when to book your Practical Test.  This will be when you are consistently

demonstrating the ability to drive safely, progressively and in accordance to the DVSA syllabus

and Driving Test criteria.


It is very important to ensure you are fully prepared for the test by making sure you plan for

sufficent lessons, and where possible private practice.  It is a proven fact that candidates who

invest in lesson time with an ADI will generally peform better under test conditions.


The DVSA suggests an average of 45 hours with an ADI and 22 hours private practice.  This of

course varies greatly between individuals, therefore making it possible for a pupil to require fewer

or more lessons according to personal needs.


Practical Driving Tests are booked online by going to


Waiting times vary greatly from one area to another, and also due to seasonal demands such as holiday periods where availability can become reduced. I will take these factors into consideration when advising you on booking your test.





Do not use any other third party booking service as they charge extra booking fees in addition to the offical DVSA fee.



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