Q. How long does it take to pass a driving test?

Information can be found from the Driving Test Success website. http://tips.drivingtestsuccess.com/




Q. Can I practice privately in my own vehicle?

Yes. There are three main points that must be followed to comply with the law.


  • You must display 'L' plates

  • The vehicle you practice in must be insured for you to drive as an accompanied provisional licence holder *

  • The person supervising you must be over 21 years old and have held a full car licence for at least 3 years and not be disqualified.


* https://www.nldinsurance.com/



Q. How long does the driving test last?

You will be driving for approximately 40 minutes.



Q. Can I have manual lessons?

No, but we can recommend some trusted Manual Driving Instructors.




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